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How about an after beach exfoliation? A much cleaner and shining skin, less open pores and better hydration are some of the many benefits of South Beach Body Exfoliation. We tend to give greater importance to the care of facial skin, however, the skin of the rest of the body is also exposed to factors that can mistreat it, such as accumulation of dead cells. It is essencial to resort to body exfoliation if the intention is to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin for much longer. At the exfoliation a relaxing back and leg massage will be performed.

South Beach Body Exfoliation Gift Card

    • Choose what kind of massage you want to give as a present.

      All our massages are available to give as a present.

    • Buy the gift card, you have 2 options:

      ONLINE – You can buy your massage online and pay with a credit card. Within the next 24/ 48 hours you’ll receive an email with a .JPG file attached as a receipt. All you need to do is open that file, print it and give it to anyone you want to give the present to. It is also possible to forward the email straight to the person you want to give the present to, you only have to write their email down to us.

    • IN OUR FACILITIES – You can purchase the gift card coming over to our facilities and wrapped it up in a nice box as a present. You only have to pay for the cost of the treatment, if the price is $100, you’ll end up paying $100.

    • Call to confirm.

    • The person who is going to enjoy the massage should let us know the confirmation code at the receipt and book an appointment.

      If you have been given a card, you need it to bring it over the day of your appointment.

    • Gift cards are designated for in studio treatment only. 

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